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Aqua Livi


The official Aqua Livi & the Roots Imansion website!
Photos, info & links to Aqua's music are all available right here.. just click Music Links from the menu. Don't forget to check the 'What's New Page' for the latest tour & other news!

Aqua live at Womad!

Greetings in the name of the Most High!
Welcome to the online Reggae party.. There are CD's, pictures, T-shirts, Aqua 2006 calenders, Free MP3's and much more! Please sign-up to our mailing list below & our guestbook it's all Free!

Aqua's latest single "Most High Calling" is now available from Reality Shock Records!

"I like things with substance... I grew up with Bob Marley, Ken Booth, Jimmy Cliff - original, classic reggae. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned... Reggae should have substance... I'm more on a mission than competition."

Come visit Aqua's store on CafePress!

Click the Link ABOVE to access Aqua's online store!


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